Are you above 50, Life insurance protects you financially in the future. It covers the living expenses, Health care, Funeral expenses etc...When you grow older there is a high risk in going for the health care expenses, So its necessary to take life insurance over 50. If you have any emergency situations to admit in the hospital, you cannot check for the money at that time, But when you have taken the health insurance they will issue a card and you can show the card at the time of admit in the hospital without paying Uptra inc. any charges.Life insurance over 50 years of age makes you live a stress free financial life. Term life policies are a better choice for the policy holders having above 50 years of age because the permanent policies have no cash value and have large large premiums, Hence it is not suitable for senior citizens. The most affordable life insurance is the term life insurance which have fixed rates.You can opt for the term life insurance policies with a provision to extend the policy. Return of premium term policies gets you the premiums paid Uptra Consultancy into the policy. The permanent life insurance policy provides a cash value that can be borrowed to provide a income for the rest of your life.The death benefit and the premium remain the same for the policy period and the premiums are paid back in terms of cash value. It also allows you to invest the money in stocks, shares and mutual funds.